A Practice Group Dedicated to Subrogation

The subrogation group has a dedicated staff of over 20 individuals handling a large number and a wide variety of subrogation cases. We handle a considerable volume of many of our clients’ subrogation files, and we are also glad to take an isolated case or two for clients whose needs are more limited.

We offer a wide variety of services to our clients, including presenting claims with organized supporting documents to adverse insurance carriers, negotiating claims with adverse carriers, presenting and defending claims in inter-company arbitration, and collecting claims against uninsured motorists. We also offer education and training services to our clients’ claims representatives and subrogation staff members. We are glad to assist our clients in developing training materials and/or operating procedures to help better ensure their claims representatives are recognizing all subrogation opportunities and are investigating claims with subrogation potential in mind.

Experience is Key

Subrogation is a unique area in which hands-on experience with a wide variety of scenarios is critical to successful outcomes.  We’ve handled cases involving damage to automobiles, tractors and other farming equipment, airplanes, watercraft, homes, apartment buildings, commercial properties, personal property, and business property. We’ve dealt with issues involving products liability, negligent contractors, multi-party comparative fault, governmental negligence, disputed damages, spoliation, as well as the various challenges presented by uninsured tortfeasors. From the simple two-vehicle intersection accident to the most complicated multi-party commercial fire loss, we have the knowledge, skills and resources to maximize recoveries for our clients.

Our Goal is to Work with You to Optimize your Subrogation Recoveries

We understand that a successful subrogation department is an increasingly important part of every insurance company’s financial well-being. From identifying subrogation potential our goal is not just to work for you, but to work with you to optimize your subrogation recoveries. We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients, and encourage you to contact us to discuss your subrogation needs.